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Thermal CorkShield™ products offer many benefits such as: mildew resistance, water resistance, flame retardancy, sound insulation, thermal insulation, flexibility, breathability, durability, and more.


We offer a 15 year warranty, if the product has been applied by our certified installers.



Cork is a natural fireproof material. Cork does not release incandescent particles and flames do not spread.

Le liège est un matériau ignifuge naturel. Le liège ne libère pas de particules incandescentes et les flammes ne se propagent pas.


The VIPEQ product will effectively reduce the transmission of outside sound into your home.


Our product is a natural thermal barrier that greatly reduces the access of heat or cold to your home or office



Our cork-based product is completely waterproof. Due to its elasticity, time does not alter its performance against water infiltration.

Thermal CorkShield™ is the most advanced green product of its kind on the market.

Our product takes the amazing natural characteristics of cork and applies them to your home. Some of these benefits are thermal insulation, water resistance and soundproofing. Keep checking our website to learn more about our product.



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