Certification et testes

Vipeq’s thermo cork products have unequalled qualities and specificities. Here you will find tests that demonstrate its watertightness, flexibility, resistance, and ability to delay the spread of fire.

Approved product Mike Holmes

I have used Vipeq Thermal CorkShield on several houses and it is a great alternative to stucco. Spray cork adheres to all surfaces such as wood, brick, stucco, steel and aluminum siding. It is durable, flexible and will not crack. Like stucco, it can be used in any climate. It is available in many colours and is resistant to fire, mould and moisture, and offers thermal and acoustic insulation. It is virtually maintenance-free and can also be matched with many different finishes. Spray cork is an excellent alternative if you live in an old house with little or no insulation, as it saves you from having to demolish your walls and have insulation installed. It can also significantly reduce your energy bills.

Watertightness and water resistance of Thermal CorkShield® products

This video demonstrates the resistance of Vipeq Québec’s Thermal CorkShield® coating to water. The structure of the coating and its extraordinary elasticity allow it to constitute a 100% effective barrier against water penetration.

Flexibility and Elasticity of Thermal CorkShield® Products

Here we show amateur images of the strength and durability of Vipeq Thermal CorkShield®. Our material has been immersed in liquid nitrogen for over 30 minutes at a temperature of -321 degrees Fahrenheit. We now see that the cork samples are still flexible and intact. Vipeq’s Thermal CorkShield® does not freeze, making it an excellent product for extremely cold temperatures, a true testament to its thermal resistance.


This video demonstrates the incredible ability of Vipeq Québec’s Thermal CorkShield® products to resist heat and prevent fire spread. It also demonstrates how this product provides a thermal barrier that protects you from heat and cold…


Burn test

ULC-S135:1992, Standard Test Method for Determination of Combustibility. Material of construction parameters using an oxygen consumption calorimeter (cone calorimeter) on corksheild

Fire and smoke test

Astm e1354, standard test method for visible smoke and heat release rates for materials and products using a shielded oxygen consumption calorimeter

Acoustic test

Sound Absorption Test on Vipeq® corkshield